Autumn Is Here

Autumn is well and truly in full swing; I love this season! When it's dry and blustery, there's nothing like a walk in the countryside with dogs - listening to the leaves rustling as they go racing past. It also means SQUIRRELS! Oh and pheasants, not to mention deer, all of which our dogs will chase with glee.

The clocks went back last weekend which means darker mornings and darker evenings to look forward to, the downside of having dogs as it makes evening walks a little more of a challenge. We picked up a fantastic head torch on Amazon though, along with light up collars for the dogs so we look like we're all off raving each evening! Luckily being home-based with my job means I can just walk the dogs earlier in the afternoon before it gets dark. We've come across some wonderful sunsets too.

It's been a while since my last blog post so just to update that all dogs are doing well. Caldbeckjack Name to Fame of Jackcamb (Dotty) is now nine months old and part of the furniture now! She's maturing nicely, and still doing well in the show ring. She has a lot more confidence now and seems to really enjoy herself.

Ilsley Pioneer of Jackcamb (Barry) is also very well. Barry and I recently travelled to France to visit my parents; Barry's first time outside the country and he loved it! The Eurotunnel crossing was incredibly easy and efficient and though the drive to the Loire Valley was a long one, Barry adored my parent's property once we were there. Their house is traditionally French, sits amongst only three other houses and has a huge garden. The property sits on the edge of a forest which meant lots of exploring for Barry and I during the five days we were there. We will definitely be returning again next year, I just need to get Nigel and Dotty's passports sorted first.

Axernamoon Casablanca of Jackcamb (Nigel) is as smiley and happy as usual. He's now 22 months old and maturing into a wonderful adult dog. His coat is beautiful and no-one could ever say he needs more of it (please no!), even out of coat he has plenty! Though his herding instinct isn't particularly strong, he's a Border Collie down to a tee in personality; incredibly loyal to both Jack and I, always keen to learn and please and moves with that beautiful pace so unique to Border Collies. He will also fetch a tennis ball ALL day given the chance!

Before we know it Christmas will be here; for now we will continue to enjoy our autumnal walks - the ones where we can still feel our fingers and toes before the frosts hit!

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