About Us

Welcome to Jackcamb Jack Russell Terriers! My name is Emma and alongside my husband, Jack, we live in beautiful countryside in South Northamptonshire. Our house is resident to our wonderful Jack Russell Terrier Ilsley Pioneer of Jackcamb (Barry), Jack Russell Terrier Caldbeckjack Name to Fame of Jackcamb (Dotty) and our handsome Border Collie Axernamoon Casablanca of Jackcamb (Nigel), along with a pet tortoise and Indian Runner Ducks! We are a small showing and breeding kennel and occasionally have litters of Jack Russell Terriers.

My passion for dogs started from a very young age and I have been animal mad since I was a very small child; I grew up in Cambridgeshire with a family of animal lovers too before moving to Berkshire with my husband Jack in 2015. We moved to Northamptonshire in Spring 2020 and the dogs adore their new house and garden, much bigger than our last garden.

I have a strong love of the Jack Russell Terrier and what the true working terrier breed represents. I grew up around JRTs and my grandparents used to breed them back in the 50s, 60s and 70s, famously selling one to the Royal Family for the purpose of helping with keeping the number of rats and other pests down around the stables. The Jack Russell Terrier we know today comes in all shapes, sizes and colours, so setting breed standards by the Kennel Club when they became a recognised breed in 2016 must have been a hard task! Based on the standards my Grandad used to look for from a breeding perspective, the Kennel Club in my opinion have managed to represent the true English Jack Russell Terrier, with their strong bodies, active mind, and that cheeky personality too. Importantly, a Jack Russell Terrier is a working breed and therefore its physical attributes must enable it to go to ground. It is my aim in the future to continue to improve the Jack Russell Terrier breed with our foundation dog Ilsley Pioneer of Jackcamb and raise awareness for this fantastic breed.

A rare photo in which the human also features! Barry, Emma and Nigel