Happy New Year

Wishing everybody a happy and healthy 2021 from us here at Jackcamb. Though 2020 wasn’t exactly a great year for many of us, it is all about trying to remember the positives.

We continued to get valued updates from our puppies and their owners and had a lovely time meeting up for a walk back in the summer when they turned a year old. I cannot say enough how lucky we were to find such wonderful owners for our puppies and how appreciative we are to hear how the pups are getting on.

Which brings me to puppy enquiries again. We have been inundated! I thank each of you that has expressed an interest in joining our list and taken the time to email or call and tell us a little about themselves. I apologise to those that haven’t received a reply; I’ve had my hands full with our newborn baby daughter and there have just been so many enquiries. As stated before, if you write a one-sentence email asking if we have puppies available then you definitely will not receive a reply from us! It is still our intention to have another litter of puppies from Dotty and Barry but this will not be until approximately late Spring/early Summer this year (2021). I know many are keen for a puppy soon and sometimes it can seem like a very long wait but I do always say it’s worth waiting for the right breeder and puppy. We waited well over a year for Dotty having done extensive research into breeders at the time. I appreciate that it can seem like an agonising wait but some waited over a year for our first litter and many have been on our waiting list a long time for this upcoming litter. Should you wish to be added to our waiting list to be kept updated then I encourage you to contact us with a concise email that introduces yourself, why you’d like a Jackcamb pup, your home/work/family situation and your past experience, if any, with dogs. I will do my best to reply to you as soon as possible.

This year at Jackcamb, we are going to continue going for lots of lovely walks in the countryside and really hope that we can visit the seaside once or twice too, our dogs favourite! I hope you all have plans for 2021 and remind you all to keep a positive outlook for the year. I know we all miss spending time with loved ones but let’s hope things do improve soon. Until then, stay safe!

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