Pupdate: 5 Weeks Old and Exploring!

The puppies are five weeks old now and all are doing fantastically. It's so much fun watching them explore new sights, sounds and smells and they certainly get socialised to a lot living in our house with three adult dogs, a tortoise and a twenty month old toddler!

The Gang enjoying the garden

Little puppy personalities are beginning to emerge (along with piranha teeth!) and they love to play, hide in the play tunnel, are taking to weaning very well and love to snuggle up for a cuddle with Mum Dotty or in our laps. Dad Barry is always wary of the puppy teeth at this stage but likes to oversee what they're getting up to, even if he pretends to act all nonchalant! 'Uncle Nigel' our Border Collie is happy to be sniffed and clambered over, the puppies find his long fur fascinating! They have even met our tortoise, Squirtle.

Two of the tan and white boys; the boy on the right is currently available

We have just one male puppy available to the very best home. He has stunning tan and white markings and we think will have a light broken coat. He would be suitable for a show home too as he has a fantastic head and overall conformation, as do all of the puppies. He's been nicknamed 'Mr Cuddles' by us currently as he's incredibly affectionate and one of the first to trot over for a fuss, with a wagging tail moving like the speed of light. If you think you could give this lovely boy a top home, please do get in touch with us to learn more about our process of owning a Jackcamb puppy.

Male, tan and white puppy currently available to the best show or pet home

We all look forward to making the most of these last few weeks with the puppies, it really does go so quickly and we adore having them here with us. Finding super homes is always our top priority and the reserved puppies all have fantastic homes to go to, where we look forward to keeping in touch and watching as they grow. We have a private Facebook Group for all Jackcamb owners and it fills us with great pleasure and pride to see how all of the puppies from the first litter are doing, we are ever grateful to their wonderful owners and it put huge pressure on us to once again find the very best of homes. The new owners of the reserved puppies from this litter are all enjoying the live videos we post on the group, along with photos and snippets of what the puppies are up to as it's a great way for them to see just how much they change each week.

Finally, a thank you to our 20 month old daughter Charlotte; she's living all of my childhood dreams being surrounded by puppies, she's in her element and is incredibly gentle with all of the puppies. Likewise, the puppies adore her too and they will certainly be well handled thanks to Charlotte! I think she's going to be rather upset when they leave for their new homes!

Real life teddy bears! Proud Mummy Dots, Charlotte & Puppies Inseparable!

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