Summer Puppy Meet-Up To Celebrate Their First Birthday!

Back in August we had the most wonderful day meeting up with some of the Jackcamb puppies to celebrate them turning a year old.

L-R: Jackcamb Next Adventure (Freddie), Jackcamb Patch's Dynasty (Ted), Auntie Minnie and Granny Honey (Barry's Sister and Mum)

Covid-19 has definitely put a spanner in the works (still!) and has all affected us, so to have a day out seeing the puppies was just brilliant. Sadly two of the pups couldn't attend but there was still a total of 10 dogs, we even had the puppy's Granny Honey and Auntie Minnie join us, multi-generational meet-up!

We met at Melton Country Park in Melton Mowbray. It was nice and central for most of the puppy owners and has free parking, a cafe and plenty of open space for the dogs to explore. The weather wasn't totally kind to us and we had a couple of sharp showers but the sunshine did come out in between. We had a lovely walk together, the dogs were all off-lead and had a whale of a time playing together, fetching their ball and playing chase, of course ours jumped straight into the lake too! We took plenty of photos and finished off with a lovely picnic together back near the car park.

A few photos:

It was such a fantastic day and I thank all of the puppy owners for always keeping in touch. It means so much to myself and my husband to hear how the puppies are getting on and it meant a great deal to see them again. Special thanks to all of the goodies that everyone brought along, the dogs were all spoilt and the humans were with extra sandwiches and goodies too!

I cannot stress just how much it means to us breeders to see such happy and healthy dogs that we have bred. I thank all of the puppy owners and to everyone who enquires about our special dogs and takes the time to tell us about themselves and why they would like to own a Jackcamb pup.

We cannot wait to have another Jackcamb meet-up next year, hopefully in the Spring and hopefully when there is a little more normality in the world too. Thankfully it was easy for everybody to socially distance safely... except dogs, trying telling them that!!

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