Dog Walking Holiday: Wiltshire

It was our first wedding anniversary on 16th June and so we had a short getaway to Wiltshire to explore the countryside and enjoy a break from work.

The place we stayed was absolutely beautiful and isn't the first time I've stayed here. It's called the Enchanted Mill and is based in Bromham, Wiltshire. Bath is approximately half an hour's drive away, there's a pub in the village and fantastic walks right on the doorstep of the beautiful house.

Dotty's first job was to jump straight in the mini-lake opposite the house (of course she did, water obsessed!) and once settled in the house, we went for a brief explore before Jack and I left the dogs to go and enjoy a nice anniversary dinner in nearby Chippenham. Next morning, we did a much longer walk with the dogs. The sun was shining and it was actually pretty warm, which was lovely considering the weather is so hit and miss at the moment. We were following a walking route that we found online but, because we like to make things more difficult for ourselves, we decided to do the walk in reverse which made reading the instructions somewhat fun! It was a lovely walk anyway, we met cows, lots of wildlife, walked through wild meadows, through fields, woodland and over babbling brooks (much to Dotty's delight, the others too love water). Before we knew it, it was time to head home with our dirty and worn out doggies.

Who says you can't plan a last-minute trip and make the most of it!

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