Jackcamb JRT Kennel Update

Apologies that I've been so terrible at keeping the blog and website updated; lots has been going on here on the human front as Jack and I are now married!

Prior to the wedding and honeymoon we've been attending a few shows with Nigel, all of which he's successfully placed and shown really well. Quite frankly, he's a dog in a million and the compliments we get on his outstanding temperament make us extremely proud of him. Every person he meets seems to fall for him and I'm quite sure my Dad and a few of our friends would steal him from us if they could! Border Collies are a complicated breed, not for the faint-hearted due to their super intelligence, active minds and bodies and the need for lots of attention. Border Collies need lots of walking, mental stimulation inside and outside of the home and cannot be expected to constantly entertain themselves. On saying that though, Nigel is very happy to just chill out and though he may come and rest his head on my knee while I'm working at home, he's quite happy laying at my feet to await playtime later - though he will regularly bring me a tennis ball just to see if he can 'tempt' me away from my computer and work!

Nigel's success in the show ring reflects his temperament too and he's always keen to please me when we get to a show; he'll try his best and is standing so well now. He's a fantastic looking dog now at the age of 19 months and his coat is really amazing, even out of coat he still looks great - which means lots of grooming for us! Nigel's critiques have been really positive so far and I'm so grateful to all of the judges that have given us their time and lovely words about Nigel. Most notable comments are on his great head, dark eyes and expressive face (no wonder really when his nickname is 'Smigel' because of his constant happy face!). Alongside that, we've had regular comments on his powerful hindquarters and behind as well as good movement. In more recent shows it's been rather warm sadly and Nigel isn't enjoying this heat very much! This has meant his drive around the ring hasn't been to his usual standard but he always tries for us nonetheless and at the end of the day, it's good fun for us and for him!

More updates to come soon!

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