Dotty Turns Six Months Old!

Our little girly has just turned six months old, where has the time gone! Caldbeckjack Name To Fame of Jackcamb, aka Dotty is our beautiful rough coat JRT!

It's quite hard to believe that we've reached six months already with our beautiful girl but it has been great and she's such an amazing addition to our family. She truly is a Jack Russell Terrier through and through; loves nothing more than getting up to mischief, can be a sassy little girl that knows just how to wind the other two up and then flee the scene to ensure she can't be held responsible!

She is still very close to Nigel who has taken his role as her protector very seriously from the moment we brought her home. When Dotty feels tired you can guarantee to find her curled up next to Nigel - or to have ousted him from his big soft bed! Her bond with Barry has really grown now and at times it's very hard to tell who's the boss! Barry is my little limpet, my little shadow and therefore has always been pretty obliging when it comes to other dogs - happy to let them steal his toys, happy to let them curl up in his bed. Dotty has taken full advantage of this in almost all aspects but she seems to know that when it comes to cuddles with his Mummy, she's not to interrupt initially, so he can ensure he gets all of my attention to begin with, before the 'scruffy one with sharp teeth' gets to join the party.

Growing puppies correctly is so important, much as I suppose it is as a baby grows. You want to ensure you give them the best and that they grow up healthily. We're both very happy at how Dotty is turning out. Measuring 9.5" at the withers now, she has beautifully straight legs, a petite and expressive head/face and a very active chirpy movement. We are very pleased at how she's turning out and now that she has turned six months it means it's now Dotty's turn to take to the show ring too to see how she fares and what she makes of it.

Dotty has already attended a show as spectator dog and took it all in her stride, despite it being a very busy and noisy championship show. She caught the eye of a judge who came up to me to compliment us on her movement and appearance and we were very happy to hear he liked her so much as to ask when her first show would be. We are excited to see how she gets on and will of course update on here, just as we do with Nigel when possible. Nigel is also competing at Dotty's first show so will be there for support, along with Barry who will be cheering them both on!

Watch this space!

On a breeding note:

We've had a number of people enquiring as to whether we will be breeding from Dotty in the future. Obviously at only six months old, I hope you can understand that this is some way off though we are of course very touched to see that so many are interested in Dotty's potential offspring. Our intention is to mate Barry to Dotty in late 2019 at the earliest and as people are already asking whether there is a waiting list, I thought it best to look into getting one set up. If you wish to register your interest in future litters then please do contact us so we can store your details to inform you of breeding updates in the future.

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