Nights Are Drawing In...

I cannot believe we're already in November, where is this year going?! The nights have drawn in very quickly since we returned from our holiday, which means the routines at home change for our dogs. Both Ilsley Pioneer of Jackcamb (Barry) and Axernamoon Casablanca (Nigel) love their walks come rain or shine; Nigel has a lovely full coat to keep him warm, Barry despite his short smooth haired coat barely notices the cold - he saves the shivering for when he gets back home and knows he can use it as a ploy to share the sofa with you! Jack walks the boys most mornings and I do the majority of the longer walks in the afternoons. I'm lucky that I work from home and have the freedom to even take them to some of my clients too so the boys live a pretty fun life gallivanting around with me while I do the boring accountancy work... I'm yet to train them in the art of double-entry bookkeeping. I do enjoy these colder afternoons and evenings as the sun sets, watching the dogs haring around together, their breath showing in great plumes of white steam from their panting mouths. The dewy grass in the mornings helps keep the tennis balls looking cleaner, unless Barry decides to steal them and carry them off into the muddy undergrowth - why would he share the ball with Nigel when he can carry it WHILE looking for rabbits!

As for me, I like the weather however it comes. It doesn't just rain here in England, I won't lie it does a lot and I'm currently sat here snug in the living room with the dogs debating on when we should brave the rain and go for a leg stretch around the village. However, we also have some pretty impressive frosts this time of year and there's nothing like a cool crisp sunset either. I miss the warmth of summer but I also love the colours of autumn and winter.

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