Doggy Holidays

Further developments on the website have recently been halted due to a holiday for us humans! We have just got back from an amazing holiday with Jack's family, visiting South Africa. While we were on holiday the dogs went on their own holiday to Overstrand in Norfolk where my parents live. They have had a whale of a time! Regular walks along the beach, making friends with other dogs and humans while out and about and getting endless fuss and attention from my parents!

I'm not sure there is a dog out there that hasn't visited a beach and instantly fell in love with it! Some may find the chance of an ice cream the most exciting part of a beach trip, but for our two dogs it's definitely the vast open spaces to run and chase tennis balls - though they are partial to a lick of an ice cream too! Barry may not match Nigel in size, but do not under estimate the speed of a Jack Russell Terrier on a mission! Barry has a certain knack of just managing to reach the ball before Nigel, dodging out of the way and knows full well that Nigel is too polite to snatch the ball from his mouth. Barry therefore literally runs rings around Nigel, before choosing when he's ready to drop the ball and allow Nigel to pick it up and bring it back to us!

I do hope to have further important news to come very soon regarding our Kennel Club registration. We have gone through all necessary tests, examinations etc. and have finally had it confirmed that Jackcamb Ilsley Pioneer will be an approved Kennel Club registered Jack Russell Terrier! This is fantastic news for us and I'm so proud of Barry for impressing the judges that have assessed him and for meeting requirements as set out by the breed standards. All health tests have also come back clear which is a triumph in itself. Barry has secretly loved all of the extra attention he's been getting during this registration process and we will officially start offering Ilsley Pioneer's stud services as soon as his Kennel Club registration certificate has arrived. To all potential clients considering using Barry's stud services, we also want to reassure you that further to the health tests we have already had carried out on Barry, he attends regular veterinary check ups to ensure his health is always our top priority, with specific eye and ear examinations performed and to ensure all vaccinations etc. are up to date.

As soon as we have further updates to share with you then we will make sure to inform you via our blog.

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